January 2018

Public Safety Consulting, LLC was awarded a contract to provide Business Architect services (as a sub-contractor) to a major jurisdiction Police Department in the Hampton Roads, VA region. Our team will assist the City in implementing its new Body Worn Camera (BWC) and In-Car Camera (ICC) system.

We will be working with City staff and the selected vendor to develop the project plan, methodology, and schedule for all aspects of the implementation:

  • IT Infrastructure supporting the system (network, security, hardware, application, etc.)
  • Hardware installation and testing (docks, dedicated PC’s, sensors, etc.)
  • Application installation and testing (PC’s, mobile devices, etc.)
  • CAD/RMS interface (auto-tagging) configuration and testing
  • Evidence management database configuration, management, and administration
  • Training (administrative and operational)
  • Inventory management
  • Phased cutover/operational plan for Phase 1
  • Post cutover monitoring, evaluation, and corrective action plan
  • Phased cutover/operational plan for Phase 2

We will additionally;

  • Define and document the City’s mobile networks to integrate the MDC with the In-car camera system and Body-worn cameras. This includes the in-car wireless network/SSID, Bluetooth connections, GPS, and internet connectivity to the evidence management system.
  • Define and document the configuration of mobile routers to allow for uploading of BWC/ICC video over LTE. This may include multiple active networks on a single router and diverse routing based on destination.
  • Define and document QoS policies, if needed, to prevent video uploading from degrading MDC network connectivity.
  • Define and document security policies and practices to maintain proper security posture for MDCs to remain on the City network.